We remember Basil. Basil would look around with a humble nod to acknowledge those who gathered, but when he spoke, the uncontestable truth in his words bellowed loudly and captured the gaze of all. He gave our broken hearts courage as we watched the calamity of Ramallah's USAID and normalization enclave consume and manipulate our people. The cowardly Palestinian Authority could not debate with Basil. All they could do was try to silence him. And even in that, they failed. [continue reading]

The "Palestinian-israel conflict" is canned and manufactured for ready and fast consumption in a fast pace world by the imperialist West, which designates woke terms that veil its colonial and exploitative agenda. [continue reading]

Visit Al Thawabet for ongoing investigation of JVP, a subtly zionist organization, that has long attempted to control Palestinian organizing through its network of Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Foundation for Middle East Peace agents. [continue reading]

The principal contradiction and a strategic vulnerability of settler colonies is that they simultaneously seek to “eliminate of the native” in order to promote the desired “demographic character” (in this case a majority-Jewish one) while populating their colonies with settlers who, on the whole, are not willing to do the requisite work to sustain the settler project. [continue reading]

This is an evolving and breathing guide to define normalization of the zionist entity, give examples and a history of normalization, and to help the reader identify and prevent entanglment with normalization strategies that compromise the liberation movement. [continue reading]

The following is a translation of a post on Telegraph explaining the incredible importance of the latest confrontations between the zionist entity and the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and the West Bank. [continue reading]

On June 24, 2022, under pressure from zionist demands for an FBI investigation, the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions National Committee (BNC) announced that it does not endorse the Boston Mapping Project despite support from the Palestinian Liberation Movement. [continue reading]

The Mapping Project is a multi-generational collective of activists and organizers; we are unpaid and don't report to any donors. Email us at mapliberation@protonmail.com

Our work is grounded in the realization that oppressors share tactics and institutions – and that our liberation struggles are connected. We wanted to visualize these connections in order to see where our struggles intersect and to strategically grow our local organizing capacities. [continue reading]

The US government and its ruling class should be understood as the primary source of imperialism and purveyor of violence on working and oppressed people of the world today, including in Palestine... [continue reading]

On February 17th 2022, a delegation of Congress members met with the Zionist Entity, the Palestinian comprador class, and the Palestinian Authority to Bolster the Palestinian Authority as a viable representative of the Palestinian people... [continue reading]

Recently, Amnesty International released a report stating that the oppression of the Palestinian people amounts to apartheid.

The following is a critical response from guest contributor Lana Habash whose writings can be found here.

[continue reading]

This is an article written by Guest Contributor and Political Analyst Julia Kassem. It was originally published in Al Akhbar.

A leaked document from the Open Society Foundations Arab Regional Office in Amman, Jordan details the foundation’s blueprint strategy for the Arab world in the aftermath of the Arab spring. [continue reading]

The following is an English translation of a statement issed by the students of Birzeit University on December 19th, 2021. Which is ever more relevant now considering the illegal arrest and detainment of 5 Palestinian students by the occupation authorities. [continue reading]

In recent years, many organizations and individual organizers have promoted the idea that having "pro-Palestine" individuals elected to public office can be considered victories for the "Palestinian cause." [continue reading]

The recent designation of six Palestinian NGOs as terrorist organizations by the Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz was described as “an act of impunity,” by one of the targeted organizations, Al Haq. [continue reading]

On July 29th, H.R.4373 committed to providing Israel $3.3 billion in unconditional military aid after it passed in the House in a close bipartisan vote of 217-212… [continue reading]