Jisr Collective is an Anti-Imperialist Diaspora Media Collective

We seek to be a bridge of information (Jisr/جسر) for the diaspora community in order to highlight the region's long anti-imperialist political work and thought.

We believe this work is necessary in order to counter what can only be described as increased normalization with imperialism and zionism in our communities in the western diaspora.

We do not offer any unique analysis, we only amplify the analysis and thought of those who resist back home.

Jisr Collective is a multi-generational all volunteer group.

There are no careers or careerism here.

We do not accept donations nor do we have any donors.


We are a collective who center principles and are accountable to refugees, prisoners, workers, and farmers.

The goal is to go home.

Contact and Get Involved

Jisr Collective welcomes comments, inquiries, and contributions.

We welcome contributions in the form of writings, art, translations of other works, and translation of our works, among other ways to contribute.

Please send submissions and inquiries to get involved to:

jisrcollective [at] protonmail [dot] com

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