Defining Normalization

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Shame on my hand if I shake the hand that swept the necks of my people.

- Al Hakim, George Habash

This is an evolving and breathing guide to define normalization of the zionist entity, give examples and a history of normalization, and to help the reader to identify and prevent entanglment with normalization strategies that compromise the liberation movement. This document only evolves to address the illusive nature of normalization strategies and is informed by organizers across the so called "U.S," while the thawabet are never negotiable nor do they evolve. Thawabet are the red lines and constants of the liberation movement.

Last updated: August 24 2022


Introduction: Diaspora Must Commit to the Thawabet and Reject Normalization

In the simplest of terms the zionist entity has no right to exist. Normalization is the attempt to validate the existence of “israel.”

The war on the liberation mindset that rejects the zionist entity is an insidious one that took form after Egypt recognized the zionist entity as a state. After the Oslo Agreement when the Palestinian Authority of Normalization was established, the liberation mindset was under even more intensified attack.

Through diplomacy, NGOization, education, trade, tourism, and cultural exchange, the zionist entity and its agents have invested billions to make the colony accepted and viable to a world that knows that zionists are fascists. When these paths to normalize do not work, zionists move to violent censorship of those who adamantly oppose normalizing with imprisonment, exile, and martyrdom.

This war on the liberation mindset is constantly evolving. Regardless, the resistance remains firmly against normalization.

There is a growing call even within the interior of Palestine to reject normalization, NOT validate the Knesset, or to run for seats—that these “elected” tokens do not do much of anything for liberation when resistance & catastrophe shake the Palestinian community.

Rather they appease identity politics and self interest, and they cannot be relied on. It is the street, the falah, the prisoners, the martyrs; it is the resistance in all its forms that can be relied on.

Careerist “activists” on the other hand cannot truly lead a liberation movement when they commodify activism for a paycheck. The careerists in the “U.S.” inch towards legitimizing the settler colony when their sponsors demand so.

When @saintlevant normalized in debates with zionists and people in Jordan held him accountable, he tried to apologize. Yet when “US” diaspora and 501c3 employees normalize, they react to public outcry with internalized American exceptionalism.

When they normalize, to them, it is ok. This American exceptionalism that is inherent in some circles of Palestinian diaspora is dangerous and reveals how much of the individualism kool-aid they drank.

Their liberalism manifests in complexes that threaten the thawabet, excludes the majority of the community to serve a class and self interest, and ultimately they lose touch with those on the ground and the reality of the struggle.

After outcry from people around the world, Nura Erekat correctly made no appearance in a debate featuring zionist settler hasbarist, Itamar Marcus. Nura Erekat justified normalization initially before she dropped, on the basis her participation would be "antagonistic."

Yet one can also contend that a martial arts competition is also antagonistic, and yet a much younger yet wiser Charbel Abu Daher correctly did not normalize a zionist competitor.

These boycotts of participation to reject interaction with zionists is a way to uphold honor and dignity. Boycott is a way to reject normalization. This can be by boycotting goods or services of a zionist company, or by boycotting individuals who normalize with the zionist entity. Anyone who  normalizes and ignores the public outcry is definitely an enemy to the liberation movement and the thawabet. 

Western academia, NGOs, and their agents who work with imperialist elected officials or institutions want to chip away at the definitions of normalization to aid their agenda. The Palestinian careerist gatekeepers also have a role in preventing the simple concept of normalization from becoming popular among Western diaspora.

For example, Adalah Justice tried to redefine normalization. For them, they “refuse to normalize their oppression,” avoiding any outward rejection of the zionist entity when Palestinians say "they refuse the zionist entity." They creatively distance themselves from the definition of normalization and its phrase in Arabic because they regularly work with Jewish Voice for Peace, a liberal zionist organization.

Silence during acts of resistance by some “US” based “advocacy” or community organizations may not just be a matter of their hesitancy to support resistance methods, but may be an indicator of their proximity to the corrupt Palestinian Authority of normalization or the normalizing NGO complex that resistance also confronts.

A “big part of what [FMEP does] is support organizations that support a two-state solution, negotiation, and Palestinian rights.”- Lara Freidman, President of Foundation for Middle East Peace

The chances of an organization being a normalizing agent is predicated by who funds these orgs.

Some examples of donors who engage in this effort to enable normalization are:

  • Anna Lindh Foundation
  • New “israel” Fund
  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund
  • Open Society
  • J Street
  • Peace Now
  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • Avaaz
  • Foundation for Middle East Peace
  • Tides
  • Christian Zionists
This list will be later expanded in its own glossary.

This tactic to normalize through nonprofits and NGOs, which are often referred to as “civil society,” is a long held strategy that is rooted deeply in American Liberal Zionism and resonates with the progressive movement that has planted this method in Congress.

A recent strategy was put forth by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) which advocated that without Palestinians, normalization with other Arab countries will not be as successful.

CEIP presented what they refer to as the “Rights Approach” to both the Foundation for Middle East Peace and in turn J Street. The "Rights Approach" reaffirms and safeguards "israeli security" by building a collaborative human rights advocacy movement that leverages NGOs, elected officials, and popular activists as an alternative to the stalled talks between the corrupt Palestinian Authority and unyielding "Israeli" government.

This "progressive" front for normalization wants both perspectives at the table, in a bottom up approach that normalizes the public to put pressure on the official representatives of "israel" and Palestine at the table.

The sense of “equality” this strategy brings is not in terms of liberation, rather these imperialists will be “paying equal attention to long-neglected Palestinian rights...whether in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza, or, in specific ways, inside israel.” They erase historical Palestine and center human rights to circumvent the Right of Return by hitting the "anti apartheid" chime. Million dollar donors like FMEP  funds both Palestinian and "israeli" NGOs, giving them the reach to impact the work of organizations "on both sides" for the sake of this normalizing agenda.

Since these organizations are for normalization, the thawabet present a direct risk, and they have done an effective job in erasing the thawabet from Palestinian diasporic advocacy. It is important diaspora catches up with the rest of the community and maintains the same demand for liberation.

What are the Anti Imperialist Thawabet

The principled do not seek titles nor careers. The principled die by honor. The principled can never be bought, and they never concede. The principled revolt.  The principled way to liberation is the only path. Uphold the thawabet & never relent.​​​​​​​

The resistance upholds the thawabet which ensure the glorious future of liberation. The thawabet have existed since Palestinians were resisting British imperialism and were formalized when the British delegated the role of continued colonization to their zionist agents. This means then to uphold the thawabet one must be anti-imperialist.

Those who have supported NATO intervention in Syria or supported CIA designed coupes are inherently traitors to the thawabet and the liberation movement for upholding imperialism. In the journey to liberation, the thawabet must be maintained rigidly.

  • Reject colonialism in all its manifestations
  • Resistance of the zionist movement is a duty
  • Fight for liberation from the River to the Sea with Al Quds as the capital of Palestine
  • Preserve Palestinian self-determination & self-autonomy
  • Secure the Right of Return for ALL Palestinians

What is Normalization

Normalization is the attempt to validate the zionist colony's existence. Normalization is endorsing, acknowledging or collaborating with an individual, group, entity, praxis, ideology, or frameork that carries, represents, or invokes individual, group, or collective “israeli” aspirations or sentiments.

  • Official (Diplomatic) Normalization: Cooperation in security, intelligence, and economic matters that rests on common interests and enemies.
  • People to People Normalization: A strategy that arose when diplomatic normalization was stagnant. If officials were not achieving imperialist goals, the US thought social opportunities for the "common" people would move diplomacy towards normalization. Public to public normalization has been formalized in the halls of Congress under HR 2748, otherwise known as the “israel Relations Normalization Act.” Activities that host Palestinians, Arabs, and Zionists to foster an environment of exchange and dialogue, typically through social media collaborations, conferences, trips, academic research, or journalism for relationship building are typical forms of public to public normalization. People to people normalization also carries a high emphasis on social media and public voice engagement. Really look at the different social media campaigns, panels, and online webinars occurring.
  • Cultural Normalization: When music, art, food, film and tv, or written prose are intentionally used to validate the identity and existence of the zionist entity or norm its cultural appropriation. When artists collaborate with zionist artists or perform or participate in an event that features settlers or is hosted by the zionist entity itself. Interfaith exchanges that project zionists as Jews seeking understanding from Palestinians is also normalization.
  • Academic Normalization: Academic exchange programs that welcome zionists, share research with zionist, settler backed academic institutions, and academic discussions that contend zionism or zionists as legitimate. In the Emirates, Emirati officials immediately embarked on a series of education reform projects to indoctrinate their people.
  • Trade and Tourism Normalization: Zionist tourists are spotted in Jordan and granted access in Egypt and the Emirates. They also are able to travel to Turkey. This norms the presence of settlers and their settler passports, validating their identity with a "state." In turn trade and economic exchange with the zionist entity norms it as a trade partner, causing great harm to Palestinians, their food sovereignty, and their labor conditions.

What are Examples of Normalization

  • Supporting a 2 state solution is normalization: The thawabet firmly hold that Palestine will be liberated from the river to the sea. Conceding any piece of Palestine to the enemy, just like the Palestinian Authority of Normalization did through the Oslo Accords, is not only normalization but is dishonorable and treasonous. The "security apparatus" is the brute arm of the Palestinian Authority of Normalization that has killed, abducted, tortured, and spied on Palestinian activists at the behest of their zionist and imperialist masters.
  • Welcoming or collaborating with elected officials who are backed by a zionist lobby is normalization.
  • Engaging with police, intelligence and imperialist military is normalization. MPAC is notorious for this.
  • Believing zionists or imperialists are capable arbitrators of justice, equality, or fairness is normalization. Zionism is a supremacy movement.
  • Supporting NATO or Congress backed militarization and coupes.
  • Co-organizing or collaborating with an organization that has zionists and settlers in its membership is normalization. The thawabet uphold Palestinian self autonomy. Zionists have always manipulated the Jewish identity to colonize Palestine; using the Jewish identity to steer Palestinian decision making and strategy is also zionist. The organizations that behave in this way also tend to accept "israeli" settlers into its membership. If Not Now, Peace Now, Code Pink, and Jewish Voice for Peace, are all subtle zionist organizations that should be avoided. The shared iftar with settlers in Sheikh Jarrah is an example of this form of normalization.
  • Sharing propaganda from zionists is normalization. Studying zionist media to inform strategy and resist the zionist entity is not normalization; uplifting zionist propaganda campaigns that push people to people normalization strategies is normalization. Jewish Voice for Peace and Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU), are funded by the liberal zionist group, FMEP, and their members and staff have attended J Street conferences in the past. +972 magazine is also heavily involved with J Street and is funded by both zionist New "israel" Fund and FMEP. Just Vision is also the video wing of propaganda, which recieves similar funding and shares much of the same personnel as +972. They too have attended J Street conferences. All of these organizations tend to create an online propaganda echo chamber to uplift their central point of normalizing permanent "israeli" presence in Palestine.
  • Giving space to enemy opinion or their perspective is normalization: Interfaith circles, for example, try to legitimize zionist opinions using faith, while zionists use Judaism as a doorway to colonizing Palestine. It is not our burden to render the contradictions of zionist identity. They are white supremacist and inherently anti-semitic. In the activist world, adjusting protests or actions to make liberal zionists feel comfortable,or  taking up some shared SWANA experience with "mizrahi" settlers, are examples of normalization.
  • Appealing to zionists, engaging in online debates with them, or investing in “changing their perspective” is normalization: Engaging in any form of dialogue or exchange of ideas is normalization regardless if it is an interview, a discussion, or a debate. These are all different types of dialogue. Examples of this include Saint Levant's talk with zionist Rudy Rochman. Even debating with random zionist trolls on social media can lead to normalization. Not only is discussion with enemies an act of normalization, but it is a risk to the security of your social media network & connections!
  • Being anti resistance for the sake of diplomacy and saving zionist settler lives is normalization.
  • Accepting funds from a foundation or donor that believes in an "israel" is normalization: Be wary of any organization that accepts USAID funds, as these grants are awarded to those who recognize the settler zionist colony and who uphold imperialism. Also be wary of organizations who recieve funds from non profit grant donors who require people to people normalization projects. lMEU, JVP, Pal Legal, Adalah Justice, and USCPR  all accept funds from donors that highlight zionist colonization as a "conflict" and believe in uplifting "israeli" aspirations alongside Palestinians ones. You may see on their donor websites that they call our homeland "israel-Palestine." Naturally as grant recipients, these organizations fulfill the Palestinian character needed to complement the "israeli" one for normalization goals.
  • Doing business with any segment of the zionist entity, whether in its core or its newer settlements, is normalization.

Normalization Red Flags

If you spot any of the following in the community or with an organization that approaches you, it is best to be cautious and further investigate.
  • Palestine is a career for them, and someone is paying them to say what they say.
  • They refer to the zionist entity as a country.
  • They violate, do not uphold, or don't acknowledge the thawabet.
  • They refer to themselves as "israeli."
  • They say "Palestinian heritage" and "ancestors" are their connection to the land, with no mention of their return or current connection. This is a passive way to leave colonization to the past.
  • They call themselves "israeli" and refer to a "joint struggle" or "co-resistance."
  • They validate the Palestinian Authority of Normalization, reference Oslo, or believe in  '67 borders. They may also mention "East Jerusalem" rather than holding that all of Al Quds is the capital of Palestine.
  • They try to contend there is something called cultural zionism to norm the zionist identity as merely social.
  • They validate zionist feelings and identity.
  • They carry a notion that "we need each other" and maintain that Palestinians are not capable of self autonomy.
  • They join campaigns that include J Street, AIPAC, or their members.
  • They are anti resistance, condone fragmenting language to seperate Palestinian factions rather than uphold their unity, and villainize Palestinians when violently resisting.
  • They share a panel, forum, discussion, debate or healing circle with a zionst.
  • They coopt, manipulate, or steal Palestinian culture to appear to be "down" with the Palestinian way of life to gain entry into Palestinian affairs,  in order to push their own agenda.​​​​​​​

How to identify a true accomplice to Palestinian liberation

  • They believe and uphold that the movement should be Palestinian led and are ready to support as Palestinians determine. They do not speak over, impose, or pressure Palestinians to follow them.
  • Where appropriate, they recognize their privilege and are willing to leverage it.
  • They believe in and uphold the thawabet, are anti imperialist, and anti-capitalist. Being anti-zionist is not enough when they do not mention decolonization.
  • They do not use Palestinians for a spectacle and are not in it for the attention, social media follows, or experience; they are humble and giving in their support rather than transactionary.
  • They protect Palestinians by not releasing their names or photos without their permission. In protests they form the front line with their bodies to protect Palestinians.

What to do when you Determine a Situation may cause you to Normalize

  • DECLINE PARTICIPATION: Whether you are comfortable providing an explanation to your community or not is up to your safety and context. But you do not owe any zionist an explanation. Never feel pressured to participate in anything that validates the zionist entity. If the pressure is too much, be sure you have a healthy support circle to be with you through the decision or develop a coalition. Many principled orgs are ready for you.
  • REJECT THEIR INTRUSION: If you or your organization are approached randomly by a zionist who invites you to collaborate, protect your people and refuse their presence. Raise concerns in coalition groups where an organization is enabling normalization and is being a dishonorable doormat.
  • AMPLIFY YOUR PRINCIPLES AND THE THAWABET: Naturally if one is firm with their principles, the zionist will not approach. If one does approach, this may mean that more must be invested in awareness building campaigns of your organization's principles, or it could mean a member or someone close to the organization is normalizing without the organization's knowledge.
  • If you find that you or someone you know has normalized: use it as an opportunity to practice transparency, to educate, and to assess strategy. Many times a person may not even be aware they are normalizing in the core of imperialism where zionism is heavily supported.

What have Martyrs said about Normalization

"Even the Palestinian abroad, if they cannot be radical, they should remain silent and not be a hypocrite. In revolutions, pragmatism & diplomacy are useless."

- Nizar Banat

"Do not, not even for a moment forget the existence of the occupation or normalize its presence in your life, and if that happens, you are creeping towards treason."

- Basel Al Araj

"I wish for all the people to wake up, to look where they are headed, to take firm positions. To bring an end to traitors and spies. That’s it. Just finish the spies, and have the people point their compass and purpose towards confronting the Occupation. That is all we desire."

- Ibrahim al Nabulsi

"[Handala's] hands are clasped behind his back as a sign of rejection at a time when solutions are presented to us the American way."

- Naji al Ali

"[Peace talks with the Israelis]… that's the kind of conversation between the sword and the neck."

- Ghassan Kanafani

Timeline of Moments of Palestinian Normalization:

The normalizing role of the so-called Palestinian Authority (PA) is the product of imperialist backing and collaboration with the enemy.

The creation of today's harmful Palestinian Authority goes back several decades as the idea of governance of “liberated” “territory” toys with the idea of two “side by side states.” This is introduced in the so called Ten Point Program by the now deteriorated PLO.

After Arafat signed off Oslo, Mahmoud Abbas took the reigns of the Palestinian Authority to beckon in an era of increased normalization, concessions, and a very public, submissive role to US imperialism.

The PA's violent policing of Palestinians led to the martyrdom of activists like Nizar Bannat & Basel al Araj. Independent media is also ransacked & activists are beaten and jailed by the PA. Not only does the PA normalize, but it is an arm of zionist settler colonialism and imperialism.

  • 1974: The PLO begins to deteriorate with the 10 Point Program, which brings about normalization and a governing body
  • 1991: Madrid Summit establishes direct contact between the zionists, imperialists, and deteriorated PLO
  • 1993-1995: The so called PLO accepts UN Res 242 & 338. Concessions by the self elected PLO are made to the zionist enemy during Oslo negotiations  after the 1st Intifada. The Palestinian Authority is born
  • 1994: USAID opens up its office and begins drowning the West Bank in imperialist aid managed by the Palestinian Authority
  • 2000: Camp David hosts PA normalizers with the imperialist US and zionist entity to negotiate
  • 2004: Mahmoud Abbas officially takes over the PLO. The zionists refer to him as “courageous“ after he pressures Hamas into a temporary ceasefire
  • 2007: Mahmoud Abbas meets with Ehud Olmert in Annapolis. Olmert says a deal was close but politics against him ruined the moment.
  • 2011: Palestine Papers leak and reveal corruption, murders, and concessions by Palestinian Authority for zionists and imperialists
  • 2012: Mahmoud Abbas tells zionist Channel 2 TV, “It is my right to see [Safad], but not to live there."
  • Oslo promoted the creation of the security apparatus that jails, kills, and retrieves Palestinian activists on behalf of the zionists. Its role has intensified greatly in the past decade with increased USAID and US mercenary and police collaborative trainings.
  • PA actively censors media platforms and publications that do not align with its normalization agenda
  • Mahmoud Abbas and Hussein al Sheikh repeatedly meet with zionist Minister of Defense
  • Mahmoud Abbas meets regularly for nearly two decades with presidents Obama,Trump, and Biden to acquire funding, repeatedly selling out the cause

Timeline of Normalization by Other Countries:

  • 1949: Turkey is the first Muslim country to formally recognize the zionist entity.
  • 1949: The zionist entity became a member to the UN
  • 1962: Kurdish Mustafa Barzani is caught embracing zionist Moshe Dayan
  • 1978: Camp David agreement struck between Egypt and the zionist entity which lead to the 1979 peace treaty
  • 1986: Morocco's King Hassan II invites Shimon Peres
  • 1994: Jordan normalizes through a so called peace treaty with zionists.
  • 1996: Oman begins trade with zionists
  • 1999: Ehud Barak and Algerian President Bouteflika talk at the Moroccan King Hassan’s funeral.
  • 2002: Saudi Arabia presents the Arab League version of a “solution“ in return for less hostility by “israel” against Arab countries
  • 2005: Bahrain's king brags to US ambassador that he is already in touch with Mossad
  • 2006: Saudi Arabia lifts its ban on zionist goods because it applies to the World Trade Organization
  • 2015:Turkey meets secretly with zionists
  • 2018: Netanyahu leads a delegation to Oman
  • 2019 Saudi Arabia engage Trump Administration and zionist businessman Jared Kushner
  • 2020 Bahrain normalizes with Zionists
  • 2020 Abraham Accords bring UAE to be partners with the zionist entity and the US
  • 2020: Sudan agrees to normalize
  • 2020: The Morocco- Zionist Entity Normaliation Agreement is reached
  • 2022 Negev Summit: Morocco, Bahrain, UAE, and US meet in Occupied Palestine to carry forward normalization plans
  • 2022: Zionist military forces meet with Morroco
  • 2022: Flight to Occupied Palestine crosses Saudi for first time since the Kingdom opened its skies
  • 2022: Zionist Entity and Turkey to Restore Full Diplomatic Ties.