Jewish Voice for Peace is not a True Partner to Palestinian Liberation #NOTONORMALIZATION

Visit Al Thawabet for ongoing investigation of JVP, a subtly zionist organization, that has long attempted to control Palestinian organizing through its network of Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Foundation for Middle East Peace agents.

Under the disguise of solidarity, Jewish Voice for Peace has managed to infiltrate almost every significant region of Palestinian organizing in the so called U.S.

It was gradual yet intentional, moving towards an agenda of centering imperialist American Jews to dominate the direction of Palestinian organizations, to curtail any self autonomy or pro-resistance movements, attacking al thawabet while stringing capable Palestinians along the way.

The real goal of JVP is not Palestinian liberation. They use words like Apartheid to merely threaten the old school zionist establishment out of concern for the future of the settler colony and its relation to the imperial core. They want to win the power struggle with right wing zionists over the direction of the zionist entity and are the grassroots runners for J Street. They are concerned as American Jews with their own autonomy being threatened by their right wing siblings--yet hardly ever do they address this publicly. Rather they use Palestinians as a pawn in this power struggle, often coopting Palestinian art, martyrs, and thinkers as their shield to wage their battle "on the ground." It is as if they threaten the other side of zionists to comply or "else they'll bring in the Palestinians closer."

This insidious use of the native Palestinian is expressed in JVPs lobby group, JVP Action, that aligns with J Street. JVP Action demands that "israel" listens to the U.S. in a framework that Bernie Sanders upholds, and when the "israelis" do not heed US directives, they cook up Betty McCullum type legislation to punish the zionist colony when it challenges their liberal zionist positions. JVP's role is to share in the mobilization and public pressure regarding this J Street inspired legislation. That is all they seem to do while trying to appropriate Palestinian creative and organizing labor. JVPs other goal is to steer US zionists towards "people to people" normalization of the zionist settlement, and many of their local chapters still reflect Oslo language of two states and 67 borders

Their key members have spoken over Palestinians, pushed Palestinians out, and even put Palestinians in danger both in the “U.S.” and in occupied Palestine.

Their history in Palestine itself spans over two decades, when their former executive director lived as a settler in Palestine. Her involvement and her network reveals an intentional plan to disrupt international grassroots initiatives like the International Solidarity Movement and the BDS movement.

Their reliance on Palestinians as props for their agendas and propaganda have been leveraged into campaigns to show normalization works to justify their budgeting.

Their insidious role in promoting normalization by encouraging “mutual agreement” between “israelis” and “Palestinians” requires greater accountability and responsibility by all diasporic Palestinian organizers and leaders. All organizers must reject normalization!

Those who platform and provide these characters a seat in our communities must revisit their strategies and examine the harm they caus to our autonomy and the development of the younger generation who are held hostage by JVPs million dollar propaganda machine.

We call on all leaders in diaspora to uphold the thawabet, in particular, that Palestinian self autonomy is upheld in organizing culture and normalization is rejected! JVP is a liberal zionist organization that does not align to our guidelines as a true partner to liberation Normalization is not to be tolerated!

Not only do JVP members have much interaction with New “israel” Fund projects and J Street, but they are heavily funded by liberal zionists.

Visit Al Thawabet for ongoing coverage and analysis of this organization, its network and key individuals, its funding sources, and who enables their infiltration of our community.