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Recently, Amnesty International released a report stating that the oppression of the Palestinian people amounts to apartheid.

The following is a point by point critical response from guest contributor Lana Habash whose writings can be found here.

  1. Amnesty International's report on Israel once again centers “human right abuses” and makes no mention of zionism.

    It does not take a stand on settler colonialism and has explicitly stated that it has no position on the “occupation.”

    This is no surprise as Amnesty has always tried to equate settler colonial violence with resistance to colonial oppression.

    This narrative serves the colonialist project in Palestine while simutaneously casting a negative light on those resisting colonialism.

    Statements from the NGO industrial complex always increase when the colonial project is threatened by resistance and the weakening of the Palestinian Authority.

    NGOs want the discourse focused on rights rather than land to protect Israel’s legitimacy.

  2. Amnesty had a conversation with the Palestinian Authority about human rights abuses this past week. The Palestinian Authority are collaborators with Israel and are part of the colonial apparatus.

    Having a conversation with them about human rights abuses toward the Palestinian people is just participating in a colonial lie. The Palestinian Authority’s express purpose is to oppress Palestinian people for Israel.

  3. It's no accident or coincidence that the US met recently with the Palestinian Authority (PA) in order to strengthen the PA. Simultaneously, Israel has worried about the weakening of the PA, as they rely on the PA to maintain the occupation of the West Bank.

  4. Israel murdered three Palestinian resistance fighters on the streets of Nablus this week. Where is the solidarity outrage for their murders?

    As Mohamed El Kurd has said - we have been “women and children(ed)” to death— the NGO industrial complex’s framing of our oppression advances the colonial lie that Israel has the right to unilateral war against those who resist and that the murder of our resistance fighters is in some way justifiable.

We will not liberate our people or our land through NGO pronouncements about rights and capitulating to attacks on the resistance.